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        Ammonium Bicarbonate
        Sodium Bicarbonate
        Sodium Benzoate
        Choline Chloride
        Sodium Sulphide
        Caustic Soda
        Soda Ash
        Sodium Silicate
        Sodium Percarbonate
        Sodium Metabisulphite
        Aluminium Sulphate
        Calcium Hypochlorite
        Sodium Hydrosulfide
        Calcium Carbide

app金牌娱乐which was founded in 2005, is located in Hohhot city,China near to Beijing and Tianjin. The company which is a leading chemical supplier and exporter in North China, mainly supply and export Food Grade Chemicals, Feed Grade Chemicals and Raw Industrial Chemicals.

We are widely developing the international market, based on the enterprise spirit of "based on honesty and credit to get mutual benefits" and the management idea of "being honest and dedication to work, highly effective service".

        Add金牌国际娱乐appapp金牌娱乐Hohhot city, China
       Zip code金牌娱乐app怎么下载金牌娱乐app 010020
        Tel金牌国际娱乐appapp金牌娱乐 +86-471-3382286

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